Query re course structure for Moodle

Hi there,

I'm getting started in building an e learning course using Articulate Presenter. In the total I would have 10 sections/modules each have between 10 and 30 slides and contain various articulate engage interactions. The course will be accessed via Moodle and my query is should each of the modules be developed separately and added to Moodle as separate files when published or could I develop the whole course within articulate and just publish one file within Moodle. I would need to set it up so that learners could no progress to the next Module until they completed the assessment for the prior module.

I hope this makes sense.

Many thanks in advance, any feedback is greatly appreciated.


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Christy Tucker

You can use the Restrict access (sometimes also called conditional activities) settings within Moodle to control this. Set them up as separate modules and use Moodle's settings to hide or disable subsequent modules until the previous ones are completed.