Question About ALL LMS Vendors

We are in the market for a Learning Management System. We develop our own courses and also plan to purchase some of the courses the system offers.

We understood that we would be charged per registration for each course their system offers.

Now they are saying we will also be charged per use for courses that we develop. They say this is standard industry practice. Have you experienced this?

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BJ Campbell

At face value, it is not industry practice.  

Ask the question is it license-related?  Content that you create belongs to you and your organization, so they cannot charge for it.  They can charge for additional space and the number of licenses to access the content. Perhaps they are presenting the information to you incorrectly?

Jeff Kortenbosch

Hi Melissa, I've heard of these things but usually in some sort of SAAS Service level agreement where you outsource the entire management of your LMS. Since they are uploading, testing etc they become 'consultants' of sorts paid for the work they do.

If that is not your thing and want to manage your LMS yourself ask if that is possible as well or else check out all those other LMS's

Kimberly Valliere

In the LMS search I just went through, I never saw double charges. LMS companies tend to either charge by active users (some throw in inactive users) and some by course enrollments. Some do both. Though, I don't recall seeing anyone charging per course uploaded...they tend to limit bandwidth and size of files being uploaded, but I didn't see a per course charge. The system we're likely going to go with does both (per user and per course enrollment, but unlimited course creations) and it was confusing in our contract, but they meant it to be an either/or charge, not both. So that does sound kind of odd and expensive.