Question about legal review

I have been asked to have all of my eLearning content go through legal review.  I believe this should be done at the script stage. The CEO (who knows nothing about course design) would like me to complete the course and have the legal review after it is built. I want to push back but I wanted to see what others are doing since I am fairly new to instructional design.


Thanks for the help 

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Ulises Musseb

Hello. I really hope that such thing doesn't become a trend (not to mention that we have over 600 courses in our LMS!)

I think that approach can be more effective if the CEO is aware of the process of developing courses. In my organization, when we obtain a request for course development, we have an intake process where we inquire about compliance, legal, Protected information, privacy concerns and copyrighted material. Before developing the course, we ensure that all the content is in compliance with our legal standards and with state and federal regulation.

When there's material that requires some specific information, then we blur the images or private information. For example, I was designing a course on how to read the information in a health insurance card, and they gave me scanned actual insurance cards from clients. I had to blur all the patient protected information and get creative in replacing it with fake information for the purposes of the course.

If your CEO is aware that the content is screened for meeting legal requirements before the course development process, that might help against having to review all the courses by the legal department after they have been created.

Most software companies provide "training accounts" with placeholder information for training purposes. When that doesn't exist, we as developers are responsible of ensuring that we're not violating any law or regulation. But that should happen before courses are developed, not after.

Leela Lee

That is my actual feeling. I don't own any of the content and it is coming from other departments. I feel like as long as the information has already gone through legal when it was created, then sending it back through legal as a course is redundant. 

I think you are correct. I should help him understand the course creation process better so I don't have to wait on a legal review of each course.

Thank you