Question about quizzes

I need to build a courses with a lot of questions.  This course will be publish in Web as our LMS is not ready yet. I will have more than a 1000 people accross the province doing this course over the year, maybe some will do it ay the same time, but from different locations. My question is:

If it's published in Web, can I still use a Results slide? Will each participant see their own results even though there might be more than one person doing the course at the same time?



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Judy Nollet

Yes, you can still use a Results slide. People will see their own score, not anyone else's.

Be aware, though, that Web publishing can't ensure the same resume function as LMS publishing. If someone exits part way through the quiz, they may have to start from the beginning when they return. So I suggest you include a note that people shouldn't start the quiz unless they have time to complete it.