Question bank and branching

Oct 12, 2016

I need to create a course that should have a structure like a game.
In the first slide the learner can choose amont 3 different paths of difficulty. Every level (or path) has a group of questions, but after every question he/she can decide to go back to the menu and choose a different path.
I thought I could use question bank (I never used it), but I noticed that after choosing for the second path the same level even the questions already answered are displayed.
Moreover I have to build 2 more functionalities:
1. I would like to give the possibility to click a button to change the question (a sort of skip) inside the same level.
2. I would like to give the possibility (only one time in whole course) to click one button and to receive the question completed by the system automatically.

I attach a project with 2 scenarios. The first with a qeustion bank and the second with "manual branching" in which I already built the functionality at point 1. 

Is anybody able to have a look and try to advice me on how better manage this type of branching? 

thanks to all

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