Question Bank Software?


Our foundation is just starting to do research into purchasing a question bank software.  Does anyone have any experience with question bank softwares?  I can't seem to find any article's on comparrisons of products, information on what one wants to take into consideration when shopping for question bank software, or anything.  So any information that you can share would be helpful.

I cannot really tell you anything about our needs, because we are still developing our requirments list.  There is  of course some level though, to which knowing what is out there or more importantly the kind of things we need to think about, will help in developing the reqs.

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sharon jones


Sorry that my suggestion doesn't work for you.  Hopefully one of the Articulate gurus will be able to help


P.S.  I think that Quizmaker exports all of the information on the questions, distractors and correct answer as an xml (??) so it may be possible to write a little program that will do what you want.  Just a thought.