Question for Audacity/Voiceover/Sound Engineer types...

Hello people...

I have a sound file/stinger (see image below....).

I want just to use a small 3-4 portion of it on the first "Section" slide with a fade (starting where the yellow box starts).

Is there a way in Audacity not only to fade (which I have done), but to get rid of theĀ 3 x drum beats you can see here - I just want it "smooth".

Sure there is, problem is I do not know what I do not know in the hundreds of functions. Even knowing the name of the right function would help me out!



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Bob S

Hi Bruce,

Not an Audicity pro, but with many editors you can apply forms of compression to just certain sections.

I would try exploring the compression options available and apply them to the yellow portion FIRST, then work on fading out the "smoothed" section.

Pretty general, but hope this gets you headed down the right path at least,


Rich Johnstun

You can also try an equalizer on the section you are fading to drop the frequency of the drum portions, reducing their signal. I've got some tools that will allow me to target very specific frequencies and clean them up. If you can't get it to work to your liking, email me the file and I'll see what I can do with it.