Question on portfolio projects/NDAs

Hi all,

I'm working on putting together a portfolio of my work, and I have a few questions about which pieces I can include.

I have designed lessons that I taught to students in a language center. They were not commissioned by my company - it was a free option type class where I could do what I wanted. Do I own the full rights to these lessons and can I put them in my portfolio? If so, should I take off any indication of the company I worked for?

I also have lessons that were commissioned by the company and were adopted for future use. I was the creator. I'm pretty sure they were protected by an NDA but I dont remember the terms of the contract and I no longer work for this company. Do I email them and ask? Do I err on the side of caution and not put them in my portfolio? Or can I make mock ups that are similar to mimic the content of the work and describe the design of the lesson? I'd really like to show them off if possible.


Thanks for any advice!

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David Tait

Hi Natalie,

Regarding any work you have created on your own behalf, such as the language lessons. I would say that you own the IP here if you weren't commissioned to carry out the work by someone else.

I would always err on the side of caution and ask the owner of the project if you can show the work in your portfolio. If you signed a NDA you need to protect yourself by obtaining written permission to show any work created under the agreement.

If you can't obtain permission to share the work then yes, I would suggest rebuilding something similar to showcase you abilities. I am unable to share the vast majority of work I create, and as such have to spend a fair amount of time creating demos to use in my portfolio.