Question Randomization - Gamification


My team and I are currently looking at gamification for a pre-assessment vs. a traditional quiz.  Typically, we use a question bank, so that learners are given new questions if they choose to take the pre-assessment more than once. At the moment, we're looking at doing a Jeopardy-like game; however the concern is that we will only be able to use the questions typed into the game. 

Is there a way to create a game that will allow for use of a question bank? Does anyone have any suggestions or examples?



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Adam Zamczyk

Hi Jasmine, 

Maybe the solution for you is to have many question banks and many draw random question slides with result slide per that question.

Choosing one question will open the draw random question slide.

At the end, you can have a combined result slide - and average score or user needs to pass each.