Question re: Powerpoint

Hi there.  I'm totally new to Articulate and I find myself wondering (the first of many questions, I'm sure) about using Articulate on a previously-created Powerpoint presentation.  I've read that Studio is the primary Articulate tool designed to work with Powerpoint, but I've also read that Powerpoint can also interact with Storyline.  I've got a Powerpoint presentation that I'd like to give an Articulate makeover, so should I be using Studio for that?  This will be my first foray into Articulate.  Thanks!

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michelle eames

You can import a PowerPoint into Story line.


  • Go to File
  • Click Import
  • Choose PowerPoint
  • Select your presentation
  • Storyline will 'read' your presentation slides
  • All slides are selected by default or you can just select the ones you want
  • Click on Import
  • You can move the objects on the storyline slide as you can on PowerPoint


Hope this helps!