Question slide continues to show feedback on revisit...better ideas?

I recently did a project where I was asked to have a user be able to view the question feedback at any time during the course (the questions weren't graded so a results slide wasn't needed).  Surprisingly, I found that this wasn't all that easy.  After trying a few things I ended up creating a text variable for each question, then having the correct layer trigger changing the variable to Right and the incorrect layer trigger changing the variable to Wrong.  Then on the base layer I set it to show the correct layer IF Right and show the incorrect layer IF Wrong.  When the question is unanswered those triggers don't do anything, only once the question is answered.  

All in all, this only took a few minutes per question to implement but I'd like to know if anyone has any better/easier ideas for doing this as this is something I expect to have requested in the future? 

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