Questions a Freelancer should ask to a potential client

Morning All,

I'm working with a potential client and helping them prepare an RFP for my work.  Right now the client is at the basic "what would it cost for a xxx minute module" and I want to be able to have much more specific conversations.

My ask is this, does anyone have an guide or information sheet that they would share.

I'm building one for them that includes questions like.

  1. proposed length of module
  2. Do you have pre-defined learning objectives?
  3. What level of user interaction do you want?
    1. Simple point and click 
    2. Drag and drop
    3. Scenario based
  4. Will you be supplying graphics
  5. Will you be supplying audio
  6. Do you have any learning ( classroom, ppt etc) already built that you want included or referenced.
  7. Do you have accessibility requirements?

Thanks in advance everyone

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Richard Watson


Here are a few more things to include/think about:

  • What is the business objective of your project?
  • Is there a storyboard and/ script in place? If not, who will create and approve them?
  • How many versions will you build? Alpa, beta, Final? How many reviews will you allow?
  • What e-Learning app will you need it to be created in?
  • Will you require video? If so, will you be providing the video? (Format/quality will be key here in order to avoid redoing it later; same for audio). Are they expecting any voice over to be done by someone internal or do they want professional voice over talent.
  • Will the course need to be viewed on mobile devices? If so, what type?
  • Where will the course be stored? LMS? What version of SCORM is required?
  • Who will test the course on their LMS? You or their IT staff? What LMS?
  • Will closed caption be required or can you put the script into the player?
  • Will you be required to build custom interactions or can you use "out of the box" interactions?
  • If they provide images, do they own the copyright to them?
  • In regard to the quality of any audio/video they provide, you might want to ask them to send a sample to see where you are starting from. 

These are just a few that come to mind. Hope that helps a little.


Richard Watson



Several years ago I didn't. The problem I experienced was clients would engage you to create a product for them. This project might be projected to start in 3-4 weeks from today. When that time came, many of them would either cancel or delay the project further.  After looking at the problem, I decided to take another approach and started asking for a deposit up front. Look at it this way, they are asking for time on your schedule to be dedicated to their project. By depositing a down payment, they are showing their commitment. I also write in my contracts if they cancel after a certain time period, they forfeit their deposit. The reason? If I've blocked time on my schedule and they cancel 2 days before the project starts, I've now got an open block of time that I have to fill. This is one area that a lot of e-Learning freelancers don't think about or deal with. It can cause a lot of havoc on your schedule and your bottom line if you don't






Stu stat

Hello Ari,

I always ask for 50% up front. I was doing a Facilitator guide for a client for her training classes and after I sent the first draft, I never heard back from her after multiple follow ups.


I really like that idea. I haven't asked for as much as 50% in the past, but people asking for work and disappearing is a real problem in the industry. If you know they are going to pay a deposit at least, then it's worth the time.