Questions regarding Number Variable Tutorial

Does anyone notice that the reference number in variable keeps going up after Try Again layer shows when clicking three times in this tutorial:  Practice Activity: Working with Number Variables.

My question is how to limit the users to click only three times (not keep clicking although the reference is not shown). Do I need to create another trigger? Or just leave it as is since the users won't see the reference number. Thanks.


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Li Li

Thanks for your prompt response, Wendy. I am thinking about creating a game using the scores from the quiz, so I wonder whether this will affect the final badges if the user clicks the graphic more than three times.

Wait a minute! The user will eventually have to close the Tray Again layer when clicking the x, that will reset the value to 0. Thus, it might not mess up the final scores :).

Thanks again, Wendy. I noticed your response when I was on the metro from my email shortly after my question was posted. I appreciate your prompt response.