Quiz Completion Trigger Problem

Apr 04, 2020

When students fail a quiz instead of returning them back to slide 1.2 so they can review the material, the program takes them to the completion page.  I've looked at the trigger for the failure slide and it seems to be correct.  Have no idea what has happened.  Help, please.  I've attached the course.

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Melanie,

Your trigger on the Failure layer does what it says: it jumps to slide 1.2 when the timeline ends on that layer

However, if the user clicks Next before the timeline ends, the trigger on the base layer indicates that the program should advance to the next slide, so that's what it does.

Here's one way to handle this:

  • Add a trigger on the Failure layer to disable the Next button when that layer's timeline starts.
  • Add a button (and instructions) on that layer for reviewing the content. Or just tell them to use the Menu to revisit content.
  • You also need to add a button to retry the quiz. Otherwise, the program won't reset the questions and allow the user to answer them again.
    • To do this on the Results slide, go to RESULT TOOLS DESIGN. Click the Retry Button option, and then draw the button in the desired location. You can then reformat the button as needed, but it will automatically have the proper triggers for re-doing the quiz.

By the way, I noticed that the Menu navigation is set to "Free." That means a user can click the Next button at any time and use the Menu to jump to any slide. Which means they could get to the quiz by jumping to the last slide in the Menu and clicking Next from there.

  • If you want to force learners to see and listen to all the content, you can simply set the Menu navigation to Restricted. That will disable the Next button on each slide until the timeline ends. But it will only do it the first time the user visits the slide. This will also prevent them from using the Menu to advance; they will only be able to use the Menu to visit slides they have already viewed.
Melanie Mornard

Judy - First, let me apologize for not getting back to you sooner to say how much I appreciated your answer.  My three training programs were put online just as the Covid-19 restrictions went into effect, and because I'm now the only trainer for DOT in MN the site got hit royally.  To make matters worse, these are my first three programs with Articulate and while I've played with the program over the years no one has ever really tested them.  I've now got 300 Beta testers each with different glitches.

The recommendations you made seem to be working.  I'll know as soon as I start getting people going through that module without difficulties.

I love the bonus you put in there about making the menu restricted.  I've already had one person that went right to the final quiz.  I did inform him that's not how it works and he gets no certificate until he completes the activities.  I'm going to go through all the modules in the courses and make sure they have the retry button and the menu is set to restricted.

Again, thank you for your help, and if you have any other great ideas please send them my way.


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