Quiz Construction - Special Case Many Possible Answers

I have a quiz question from my SME that consists of 4 sources:

Resource A

Resource b

Resource C

Resource D

They want to evaluate how a student will arrange the resources for best case. There are 24 possible arrangements of the four resources. Each of the 24 cases will have a different score. 1 Max, 1 Min and 22 other lesser scores possible.  I am guessing this must be a Freeform question but none of the canned question formats seem to be the solution. Welcome to any suggestions for how to build and score it.  See my attachment for scoring calculations. 

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Allison LaMotte

I rounded up a few folks internally to help you out here! I've attached the file we created.

Here's the solution we came up with:

  • Create 4 drag items and 4 drop zones.
  • Each drag item will have 4 states (we named them Pos01, Pos02, Pos03, Pos04).
  • The first set of triggers changes the state of the drag items to Pos01, Pos02, etc. based upon the drop zone where they are placed.
  • The next set of triggers evaluates the states and adjusts the number variable accordingly.

We created the triggers for the first row of cases in your spreadsheet, so all you need to do is copy that pattern for the next 3 rows.

If you need to send the score to your LMS, you'll need to use a hidden quiz slide. To do that, create a multiple choice question with custom points for each answer. Then evaluate the same number variable to select the appropriate radio button, auto-submit, and advance the slide.

I hope this works for you! :slightly_smiling_face: Let me know if you have any questions.


John Fritts

Hi Allison, Thanks for the assistance.  I have duplicated what you suggested and it is working pretty well, but I have two follow-on questions.

First how might I prevent a quiz taker from dragging an answer to one of the 4 positions and then dragging another answer over top of the first?

Second, one my button 1 "See Results" there is a trigger "Jump to slide unassigned". Why can I not delete the trigger altogether and if I leave it, should I not be concerned since it is unassigned? 

Mike Enders

Hi John!

A great trick to achieve what you're looking for is to leverage a Freeform Drag-and-Drop interaction and strip out all of the functionality (grading, feedback, etc.) except the ability to dictate that the shapes can't occupy the same drop target.

So in your case, I'd convert the slide to a freeform Drag-and-drop, assign the 4 drop targets, set feedback to "None", Score to "None", and Results Slide to "None". Next, in the Drag-and-Drop options,  select "Allow only one item in each drop target". I also deselected "Delay item drop states until interaction is submitted". 

I'll attach an updated version of the CaseScore.story file for you to review. 

As for not being able to delete that trigger, that seems wonky. You should be able to delete. 

I hope this helps!


PS. I took a look at your file. It appears that maybe you were attempting to use variables to solve the issue of items occupying the same state? If so, you won't need the variables with this solution.