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I am currently working on a survey/questionnaire that will be sent to around 500 participants. I am asking for some information from the learners.

Specifically, I am developing a series of lunch and learns (I am NOT calling them that!), bite-sized learning opportunities, what ever you want to call them, and I am asking for some topics that the management personnel of my organization feel is needed for them and for the 2000 employees.

Here is what I want to do. I want to have our management team come up with topics for discussions. Listing them out and ranking them by importance. I know I could have them just list them in order of importance, but I really want them to think about it by ranking them. I want them to be able to come up with ideas (brainstorming) without any restrictions like thinking about the importance of it. Then after they have their topics to rank them.

I have tried using quizmaker to come up with an idea of how to do this, and tried in Moodle (v. 2.9). I am failing. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?

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Allison Nederveld

Hey Scott,

I know there are several survey platforms that allow answer piping in some form (SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics) but you need to pay to use the service or to get that as a premium feature.

A quick search led me to Survey Project, which looks like it might be an option if you have the time.


Ashley Chiasson


I agree with Allison on SurveyMonkey or another similar application, like LimeSurveys.

My biggest tip would be to have a series of surveys with no more than 5 questions per survey. If you have smaller surveys, you're more likely to get a better response rate. 

Another thing would be to have each survey QA'd, if at all possible by someone from the target audience. This pay help with some wording for optimal efficacy - we do this A LOT at the university to ensure diplomacy.


Melissa Jordan

I agree that I would look for a dedicated survey service to handle this task. 

The biggest thing I've learned through using surveys is to ask as specific a question as possible to get the answers you want.

But I always include one or two open-ended "comment" type questions to solicit feedback at the end. It is surprising the feedback we get from our audience - and it has led us to solve problems or implement changes that we would never have thought of!