Quiz over two pages?

Hi All,

We would like to assess a learners needs and intend to ask a series of questions to determine this. There are around 15 questions and they do not fit on a single page and we therefore intend to spread them across two pages.

When attempting to do this, the first page of questions has a submit button at the end but as we would ideally like to change this to a 'next page' button or remove it entirely so that they can finish the second page of questions before submitting. Is this possible and if so, how?


Thank you

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Dave Cox

Quizzes are designed to have one question per page. The submit button submits the results of the question to be evaluated, scored, and to the LMS.

If you want to just add questions without a submit button, try creating your interactions on a normal slide, and controlling your interactions with triggers.

When you ask these questions, how do you intend to gather the results? Are you creating a survey type interaction? If you are using an LMS, you might want to consider placing each question on a slide of its own. That way the results can be returned to the LMS.

wayne e

Yes its a help.  I started along the creation of a custom likert scale as I could not find a solution to another question I raised.  here: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/likert-scale-is-this-possible

What is your thoughts on this?  Is this only possible with a custom created likert scale?

wayne e

The objective is to have the likert scale present the results to the learner only. Nothing needs to go back to the LMS.  When i create a survey likert scale, i can list the question but it appears to treat each question as having only one possible answer.  What i would like to do is to assign a score to each likert scale value.  Is this only possible via custom page?  (sorry, i am hopping around a bit as i am trying to do a number of things at once :)  )

wayne e

Ah sorry, I don't think I explained very well.

In the other post above I was told that it could not really be done out of the box ( so perhaps I should just accept it) but essentially I have a scenario like the attached screen shot.  I would like to append a score onto each likert value. 

So for example, on the first question - if they select 1 they get 1 point. If they select 2 they get 2 points and if they select 3 they get 3 points.  I am happy that I can then add this to a variable and add additional scores to it but I cannot seem to work out how to place value on each likert value.

The only method I can find is with a custom scale or placing a single question on each page as the survey likert scale does not appear to let me do this. 

Thanks for help, sorry if am missing the point! :)

wayne e

Yes, that's right.

Then at the end my intention was to present them with one of 3 slides based on their score.

One slide may say ' you don't like animals'.
One slide may say 'you don't mind animals'
One slide may say 'you hate animals'

If it cannot be done, I would welcome your thoughts on how this may be achieved. hopefully without clever java :)

Dave Cox

Hi Wayne,

Yes, It is just a standard slide where I added the elements that you need. I created radio button groups from four images. The default radio button controls only allows for one radio button group, and you need one for each question. So I created a radio group with four states. You can look at the states tab to find all of the images. I then used hotspots over each control to activate it. The hotspot is nothing but a shape set to no fill and no outline. Then I used an instance of the control group for each question. I assigned a variable, one for each question, and set that variable based on the selection. Finally, I set a trigger to activate a layer when any of the variable change. The new layer only has triggers to calculate the sum of the question, and nothing else on the slide. Each of the variables are summed, and stored in an additional variable, and the layer immediately closes. No javascript required.