Quiz Results and LMS

Oct 13, 2016


I am so hoping that someone can guide me in the right direction. I am publishing a course with the following settings:


Report status to LMS = complete/incomplete

I have a quiz in the course and have it set to track results slide.

(attached are images of the settings)


Anyway, once published to the LMS, of course, it will not show as completed on a user's transcript unless the quiz is passed. I could set the quiz to have a passing score of 0 so that no matter what, the program will show as complete and no longer appear on the user's transcript, but I don't really want to do that.  What other options do I have? Is there a way that I can track results and even if the quiz is not passed, I can get this to go to a complete status on the LMS transcript?


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Sonia Furini

Hi there!  Just a couple of things. 



Rhona Blankenship

Thank you. I looked at the information you sent. I have a quiz in my course so, I'm not sure these help. My issue is that our LMS will only mark the course complete if the learner passes the quiz. I want the course to go to a complete status even if they fail the quiz.

My thought was that my only option may be that I have to set the passing score on the quiz to zero to make this happen.


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