Quiz settings in articulate 360

Hi all this is my first quiz and not really used the player function before either.  The quiz is built using a quiz bank. The results page will not load and I cannot work out where I have gone wrong. story attached

I could build in rise but the customer wants 10 questions out of 18 for each learner I also I haven't worked out if this is possible in articulate rise.

Any support would be gratefully received.

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Liz,

I'm guessing that you were playing around with different results slides, because your file has multiple sets of results variables:

The Results file currently in your file is using the "Results2." set. The reason you're not seeing the results on the slide is that your text boxes reference the "Results1." set:

Just change each "1" to "2" in those references, and it works.

FYI: Adding a Results slide auto creates the needed variables. The first Results slide gets an unnumbered set (e.g., Results.PassPercent). Any additional Results slides get numbered (e.g,, Results1.PassPercent, Results2.PassPercent, etc.). 

  • It is important that you only insert new Results slides into a course. Importing a Results slide from another course doesn't work because it will not create the appropriate variables.
Bianca Woods

Hi Liz,

It looks like Judy has you covered with troubleshooting your results slide (thanks Judy!). But I can add a bit of clarity around question bank support in Rise 360. As of when I'm writing this response, Rise 360 doesn't currently support this feature. That said, we've currently included it on our Articulate 360 Feature Roadmap page so it is something you can expect to see in the future.

That link is also a fun way to check out what kinds of features we're working on right now for the Articulate 360 apps, so it can be well worth revisiting every so often.