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Rich Calcutt

Hi Mark, 

This is 'breaking the 4th wall' a bit, but I'm doing a project right now where learners are asked a question that they can only answer by getting a value from a piece of software that they'll be using day to day in their jobs. So, instead of simulating the software, I'm asking the question, then instructing them to go and find the answer in the real, live system (providing a link to the homescreen of the site), then to come back and input their answer. 

One of the success factors for this client is for their staff to have awareness of this system, where it's located on their intranet, and to know what it does. As far as I'm concerned, if the course gets them onto the live system, it's fulfilling a good portion of the objectives. 

Just an idea. 


Mark Woolwine

Hi Rich,

Thanks for the quick reply this morning. I really like the idea that you are going with the project you are going with. However, for me the software the learners will be using is only on one computer and they only have access it at certain times. I am developing a training module on how to use iClickers and the iClicker and iGrader software. In order to use the software it must be plugged into a base/receiver in the room where the iClickers will be used. My plan is to record a simulation of the software with Storyline or Replay. My thoughts currently is to include a small screen shot on the quiz question they learner would click on that would open a light box slide that would require the learner to navigate through a simulation of the software to find the answer.