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Hi! Fairly new to all this. I have created a short quiz (review link below and story file attached) using template slides (as I wasn't completely confident in creating my own) and then customising them. I've done something - who knows what - so now the 'tick' doesn't work properly. I want each incorrect answer to flash up 'try again' with the continue button taking you back to the main question no matter how many tries you have, with the tick  only moving you forward once you've got the correct answers.


I know this is a trigger issue, but I'm not skilled enough to work it out by myself. Simple solutions would be very very welcome!!


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Moritz Weber

Hey Jane,

I fixed it for you. See attached file.

I changed the slide settings of every slide to "reset when visited again". The number of tries per question I chnaged to "1". The continue button on the incorrect feedback restarts the same slide again. On the correct feedback it jumps to the next slide. I think this was the easiest way to make it work with the given .story.

In your version the continue button had on both layers the same two triggers: 1. Hide this layer; 2. Jump to next slide. That is why it always jumped to the next slide no matter whether it was correctly or incorrectly answered.

Best regards, Moritz