Quiz Slides In Storyline - Answers (Shadow Effect)

I apologize in advance if this topic has already been posted. I recently created a course in Storyline and uploaded the course to an LMS. When I reviewed the course, I noticed that the correct answers were obvious. What I did was add the "Shadow Effect" in the text.

I did this because I wanted the text on the quiz slides to be consistent with the text on my course slides and interactions. The issue is: When a learner taks the quiz, the correct answer that I desginated when I created the quiz does not have the "Shadow Effect".

By not having the "Shadow Effect" on the desginated correct answer, the learner will be alerted to this which compromises the integrity of the quiz. I went back into the course and just edited the "Shadoe Effect" on the quiz slides and re-published the course.

Everything works as it should now and the integrity of the quiz isn't compromised.

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