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Does anyone have any ideas or templates to best do a quiz that would allow the learner to choose which text in a sentence is the correctly identified content? For context, I am developing a HIPAA compliance course and there is a section that I am building out that discusses PHI and I have an example that discusses the 18 identifiers of PHI and I want the learner to be able to choose which parts are PHI, but am not finding a best way to achieve this. Any help or suggestions anyone has, please help. 

Also, I'm building it out in Rise using Storyline as well.

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Tatyana,

You do have a few options within Rise and even more if you build in Storyline and import it as a Storyline block.

The options I would suggest in Rise (using Knowledge Check blocks) would be either:

a.  Multiple Choice -- You could include the first half of your statement in the question (e.g. Complete the following statement: " . . . . . ") and then provide two or three options for the remainder of the statement as your multiple choice answers. The user then has to select the correct one.

b.  Matching -- You could have a number of statements on the left with blocks of additional text on the right that the user then has to rearrange to match the right block with the right statement.


c.  Multiple Response -- You question could simply be "Which of the following relate to PHI?" and the user then has to select all the appropriate statements from the list of possible answers that you provide.

Hope this helps :)

Rachna Ghiya

Hello Tatyana, I am assuming that you just have a sentence and not the whole paragraph to choose the right word from. If yes, then you can work this out using Drag & Drop Interaction in Storyline. Here goes the online link to preview: https://360.articulate.com/review/content/94b1a48d-984a-4963-98e4-7e76e883abb4/review

You can also review the .story file. 

How I did it? I created an individual text box for each word and converted the slide as Drag & Drop Interaction. Then I chose all text boxes as drag items and rectangle as a drop target for only the right word. 

Hope this helps. I am still a learner but would love to brainstorm if you have a different scenario. Good luck!