Quiz with specific features


I need to create a quiz for a client, which needs to have the following features:

  • 4 Categories per quiz
  • Fixed number of mandatory questions, randomized from any category
  • 3 attempts per question
  • Time limit per question, and not overall quiz time

Data Capturing

  • Number of attempts
  • Score (Graded {Depending on the number of attempts} or binary)
  • Time taken (per question and overall)

Is it possible to have all these features in quizmaker or even storyline? Or is there any alternative that I can possibly look at? 

Awaiting your replies...



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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Adhir,

With both Quizmaker and Storyline, you can randomize questions from an unlimited number of categories. In Quizmaker, this is done with Question Groups. In Storyline, it's done by creating a Question Bank and then inserting a draw from the question bank within your course. With either approach, you can choose to display all the questions from the question group or question bank, OR display just a subset - it's up to you.

And yes, both Quizmaker and Storyline allow you to set multiple attempts on a question.

Regarding imposing a time limit on a question, there's not a specific feature for that in Quizmaker, but you can create your own time limit by using a method such as this. You can do something similar in Storyline, and in fact there are lots of different ways to do it. Here's an example of one way that it can be done

Regarding the data sent to an LMS by Storyline, check out this knowledgebase article, which lists everything that gets transmitted. Different LMSs handle data differently though, so whether these items will all be reportable will depend on the reporting features of the LMS your client is using.

Hope that helps!