Quizzes - SL or Quizmaker?

Apr 20, 2020

Hey all

I am an intermittent SL user. Generally building stuff to support blended learning events. I am about to re-do a quiz / assessment. So I was gonna import the old file from Quizmaker into SL360 and work on it from there..

I always use SL to build my quizzes/assessments.. SO my question is this really-

What is the benefit if any of using Quizmaker instead of SL to make quizzes?

As I've never used Quizmaker, but now need to edit and old one, it just got me thinking... am I missing something by not using QM? I use Art360 app so have access to all with ease.

Thanks in advance!

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Tom,

Great question! There's no real benefit of using Quizmaker 360 instead of Storyline 360 for building your quizzes. I would actually argue that the opposite is true since Storyline 360 has so many features that Quizmaker 360 doesn't! 

Quizmaker 360 allows people who want to create e-learning using PowerPoint (which they can do using Presenter 360) to add quizzes to their courses.

I hope that makes sense! Here's an article that talks about when to use the different products in Articulate 360, in case it's helpful.

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