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Aug 18, 2016

Hi there.

I have made a course which consists of a series of slides, asking the learner about their workplace. Each slide has a mixture of text or numeric fields for them to complete. On the last page, all of the information they have completed is displayed on one page, which they can then print. Essentially they are creating their own handout, with the information on it unique to their setting.

That all works perfectly.

One slide has two radio buttons - one to answer the statement yes, and the other no. I want these buttons to change the state of a text box I have written on the final slide. Again this is working ok.

However, once the task is completed and the learner returns to the main menu, I want them to have the option of going back through the exercise and changing their answers, including the radio buttons. This is where I run into difficulties. 

When they reach the last, printable page, it seems to always remember their original choice and not their amended choice on the radio buttons. I've played around with the slide triggers (things like change state to.... when Radio2 is equal to False.) but to no avail

Is there:

A) any way to get those states on the last pages recognising a change of choice on the radio buttons when the course is worked through again?


B) when you click on the launch course button for the second time, it resets the radio button variables back to their original states (having the slides go back to original state didn't work)


thanks in advance



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