Radio buttons, layers, quiz questions and a results slide in an accordion interaction design - help needed!

I'm developing an entry for the weekly challenge #147 - an accordion interaction to reveal quiz questions. So far it's been "easy to build" - as David describes in his overview of this challenge.  

However, I'm not sure that what I'm trying to do is achievable - which would be really disappointing as I can see lots of uses for this.

I've set up questions on slide layers with my own radio buttons and so far I'm happy with how the design looks and works - but now I don't know how to complete this interaction to produce a results slide (actually, this is going to be a layer in my design) based on the answers the learner selects.

Here's my source file (attached) - any suggestions/help would be appreciated.

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Ridvan  Saglam

Hi Diane,

I played a little on your template by adding some triggers. 

Firstly, I created a score variable and added a trigger to submit button. When the user clicks on it, points are added to score if the correct answer's state is selected. 

You don't need to show the score until the results slide, so I just kept it out of the slide. 

Now your quiz doesn't have a feedback page. You can add feedback layers between questions or add a new slide after quiz which can be reached from the results layer. 

Hope this can help. 

Dianne  Hope

Thank you so much Ridvan! I usually like to work through development challenges like this myself, but thought I'd put this one out there to see what others would do and potentially learn from how others might approach this challenge.

I'll take a look at the file you've so kindly worked on for me - thanks again!

eLearning Development


I often dont use the stock quiz and results slides.  I create variables to track correct/incorrect etc and use those for my completion.  I also often use the javascript code to set completion on the LMS versus the results slide sending completion so this would work well for your layer idea.

Good luck.


Tracy Parish

Hi Dianne:

I love the interaction overall.  

You are mentioning results so I'm assuming you are looking to export these out to something (LMS).  If not then creating a final layer that displays the results using a series of variables would work. 

I've done that for a few courses as a "tally board" for what the learner got correct needs to seek more knowledge about with thier unit educator.  The tally board shows a summary of the questions with correct/incorrect.  



Nicole Rye

This might not be exactly what you had in mind, but if you were to create a separate results slide using variables to capture and recall the score, how cool might it be to light box out to the result slide and design the results slide like an incoming text message response (to go with your tablet/device theme?)

Dianne  Hope

Awesome! Three Hero responses, an old "friend" (Hi Liz!) and some new connections - I'm so glad I started this discussion. lol richard - yes, it's first thing in the morning here and I've woken up to all this amazing feedback on my query - so I can totally relate to your comment about things happening overnight! I have to say, each time I've posted a query in this discussion forum, I've received prompt and helpful responses.

I think there is a lot of value in these discussion, even if it means putting yourself in the vulnerable position of asking for "help" occasionally - as I mentioned, I could have worked through this and come up with something for the challenge, but by collaborating with others, I've actually learnt a lot and got others thinking about possibilities as well. 

Is there a more supportive, helpful and awesome community anywhere? I doubt it!

BTW, here's the link to my blog post on this challenge entry on my e-Porfolio page:

Ridvan  Saglam

Hi Liz, 

I just wondered if you have sorted it out? I had started to prepare a video quiz for my students too, I don't know why but I postponed it. After seeing your reply, I decided to start it again. 

Now, I am adding the questions with new layers by pausing the timeline of base layer.  I think I can share my example tomorrow. 

Liz Armstrong

yes that's it Dianne. I'm now feeling like going out and getting a croissant for morning tea. My project is about recycling and like Ridvan I pause the video while the person answers the question. I've worked this out I think now. I wasn't sure how to use the radio buttons and then engage the submit button, but thanks to you guys I think I'm OK.

By the way just to continue what is a really worthwhile discussion - do you compress mp4 files before inserting them into Storyline. I've found Handbrake is a good tool.

Dianne  Hope

Glad we could help Liz - I'll attach the updated source file for this demo if that helps - and you probably have already, but read my blog post on interactive videos here:

No, I haven't compressed mp4 files before inserting them into Storyline - I'm checking out Handbrake now as this could come in useful for a series of courses I'm potentially developing for access in Africa.