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I have been able to use the Question Pool function to randomize CASES (not questions) that each have five questions. That is, the learner will be randomly assigned one of three cases, then complete the five related questions for that case.

I am now stuck getting the results slide to report properly to the LMS. I created a default results slide (1.3) and a custom results slide (1.4). I've tried tracking to each, but the reporting is incorrect. I am looking for a score and a percentage out of five because, from the learner's perspective, I only had to answer one case's five questions. Currently, the LMS says the score is 0% and passed (even though I haven't).

I am wondering:
Is it possible to provide a numeric result for the LMS in this case (i.e., more than just a pass/fail result)?
If yes, how to make this work? 

I've attached the file.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Kathy Lee

Nothing like articulating a question to solve your own issue.

I realized I needed only one results slide for all three cases (because learners are supposed to do only one out of three).

I had the course track to that one results slide, selecting all 15 questions and now the LMS is reporting correctly. See attached.

Leaving this here instead of deleting the post in case anyone finds this useful.