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Hey all,

So I have what might be a silly question but here goes...

Is there a way to print all the images from a folder onto one piece of paper thumbnail style?

Basically, I have to get all the images I use approved by the CEO before a course can be developed. I keep them in a graphics folder for each course. What I've been doing is copying them all into word, resizing and then printing it to take to management. Seems a bit of a waste of time! What I'd like to be able to do is select a bunch of images and then print them in one go.

Any ideas???



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blair parkin

Hi Kat

If they are jpg and png files you can use the Photo Printing wizard to print them all at once. Select all of the photos at once, right click and select print, that should start the wizard. It gives you a number of options including a Contact Sheet (35 images per page) and Wallet Prints


Kat Fardian

Blair you are a legend!

That's exactly what I want. I had found the contact sheet but it was only showing one image. I thought it would have picked up the whole folder automatically and so I didn't realise I needed to select them all!

Thank you so much You've made my job that much easier!