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Brian Gil

Thanks for the feedback! The intent of the design is to emulate the friendly, conversational nature of our amazing forums. I do understand that it can conflict with the need to get to the content though and have shared that sentiment in the past. I'm sure we'll come up with the right balance in a future update.

I should point out that a while ago we added the hover-based navigation to the Discuss menu in order to provide a more direct way to reach the forums. This was partly due to the feedback we've received about the Discuss home page's design & utility.

As always, thanks for being a Hero!

Ant Pugh

Thanks for the reply! I was actually interested because I have had a redesign of my own website recently, and I am thinking that my header image is also slightly too large!

But was interested to find out your opinion, and also to see if there was any deeper meaning to it! :)

Feel free to check it out at www.elearningarchitect.co.uk

Ant Pugh
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