Ranking drag & drop for 52 cards

Hi all, 

Working in Storyline but happy to try any other tools if it's easier to build there as I have access to them all.  

I'm building a values card activity where I want people to be able to go through 52 different cards, and then sort it down to their top 5. 


What I'm thinking is to have one big pile with all cards where the user can see one card at the time, but if they wanted to they could also drag them out and check more cards at the same time, and then a yes and no column below.. the user the sorts through cards that they may feel relate to their personal values in the yes and no column until all cards have been categorised. 


The next slide then grabs the cards from the yes column and again the user is forced to push them down to yes or a no column. This continues until there are only 5 cards left. 


Any suggestions on how to build this? I guess my biggest questions would be around..

1. How do I make the yes column card display for the next slide?

2. How do I make the system realise when there are only 5 cards left?


Appreciate any input. 




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Richard Mulcahy


I actually modified an existing Card flash slide I created to show this is doable with just 5 cards as a sample.  With variables, states and layers this should work.  In my above example, I labeled the cards and the yes and no areas to show you how you can keep track of which card is on which "yes" or "No" area.

A mouse click with show the back of the card (image or text area) and after a sec will return to the front of the card. You can also drag any card to the Yes or no areas or drag them out.

But your biggest challenge may be slide real-estate. 52 cards are a lot to show. My cards are big, but can be resized. Of courses images work best compared to adding text which may be hard to read depending on the amount of text and size of card.

Tess Lundsgard

Amazing thank you! Is there anyway I could download this so I can see how you did it in the background? I'm still learning Articulate and there are so many features I'm getting used to so seeing it live really helps. I may just make a pile of the 52 cards so they only see maybe 5 at the time, just as in your example, but once they have grabbed one the next one underneath shows.. 

Do you then think it's possible to get the next slide to start over in the same way, but then with only the cards in the yes column available? So instead of 52 cards, there may only be 20 cards the second time around.. 


Richard Mulcahy

I will attach the storyline file. Just need to delete some layers, states and variables that you don't need for this example. Yes, on the next slide we could use the card variables and a card counter to only show, for example, 20 cards.  Your 52 card stack may be possible where the user can pick a card and then it slides out of the stack to flip and reveal the back. Perhaps using 4 stacks of 13 cards.

Phil Mayor

I like the idea of a 52 card carousel as the user can view them all with very little interaction the stacks may mean a user gets a little lost, I would leave a greyed out card in the carousel when it is dragged out so it doesnt leave a space and then probably change the discarded cards to red. 

I would have loved to build a PoC but I should really be writing scripts today :-)


Phil Mayor

That is an engage interaction so not usable in Storyline (at least in this case).

Here is a short carousel I built https://elearninglaboratory.com/portfolio-item/microinteractions/

I have attached the file. It is possible with 52 card but is a reasonable amount of work and plenty of triggers. 

Phil Mayor

Good interactions are always worth the time. The key thing is to get the alignment right and then create the motion paths which can easily be duplicated by using the animation painter. I would move 104 cards so you can have placeholders when you remove the 5 may seem odd to do it that way but it will look better (in my mind). 

If I get a chance I will try and mock something up, but you may jhave already started by then.