(Re-)Certification Training: Making Updates to content


I have a question regarding what is the best strategy for content updates.

In my office we have a Certification program that new agents must complete. Once training is complete we research areas of opportunities for a quarterly re-certification training. 

Quarterly, agents must go through a Re-Certification program that we develop based on the opportunities discovered previously. 

Should I make the updates and have agents go through the original training? Or, 
Should I make a new training with content supporting the areas of opportunities only? Or, 

Should I do both? i.e. make updates to the original content to potentially address the areas of opportunity AND have older agents see only the new content. 


I hope I'm making sense with my concern. Please help 

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Mike DiFonzo

Why have them go through the original content if they have already been through it? I would recommend having a separate quarterly update. 

You could also provide a pre-test where they could test out of the original content. Another option I've seen is where the learner has the option to click on the original full-length content or the shortened updated content only since they've already gone through it previously.