Re-designing the Heroes Forum

May 01, 2013


So many people have asked for "...a better Forum...", and we know this is being thought about..


1> What do people want?  I'll start with "...better Search facilities/tagging facilities"

2> What are examples of a GOOD forum?

3> Who out there is doing an example of "Good" or "Great"?

4> What helps a forum work better?

5> How do we validate answers better?

Let's crowdsource a solution, and help build a new Heroes site.


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Bruce Graham

Geert De Rycke said:

Now the types of posts is limited to
A. A question or
B. A discussion

Why not extend it to

C. A Demo

And of course a more extensive search capability

Agree - sort of.

Not sure people really take a lot of attention of the Question vs. Discussion options.

I think if we had a "demos" Forum that it would be self-evident that's where demos went. I would like to see al demos together, so an answer may refer to the "Demo area" url.

In that way, if all posts had meta-tagging, you could search for e.g. all demos on Variables, all demos on Lightboxes etc. in one place.

Posts could not be submitted until tagged.


Bruce Graham

Alan Landers said:

Do you think an algorythm could be created so the posts are automatically sorted by topic, date, time, etc.?

Not sure we are going to get that complicated/complex

I think manual is probably better than auto-algorithms in this instance. We know what the date and time are, and I think that the tagging by topic is best left to humans.


Michael Fimian

Yes!  Better search would drastically improve what we can get out of the Forum.  That and topic categories based on more than a first-come-last-posted basis...

Everytime I do some digging for an item, I occasionally find it, but not always given the number of possibilities that are spewed up...  It makes me wonder how much information is there that we're just not reaching, not making use of...


Kimberly Read

Couple of suggestions, sorry if these are repeats I didn't see them mentioned:

1. Ability to "follow" certain people, such as happens on Twitter. The feeds from those followed appears in a certain news feed area for a user. (I know we can follow posts on topics, and we can friend people, this would be a hybrid of those two features.)

2. A breadcrumb option for navigation that allows for at-a-glance nav back to a centralized main menu. Might help reduce the amount of scrolling.

3. The ability to "pin" stuff into posts without actually attaching file data. More than just a link, this would give users a visual before they decide to click.

Dawn Chamberlin

I would like to see posts and blogs separated out by product. Lately, it seems the only product that gets attention is Storyline-understandable since it is the new toy. We use Studio 09 and it's really frustrating when we search for Studio help, what's new, etc. all that is generated is Storyline stuff. Very frustrating to read posts and blogs only to realize they are for Storyline and of no help or value for Studio '09 users.

Speaking of Studio, any word yet on when Studio '12 will be released? :o)

Deanna McMillion

What about making certain posts "sticky" so that they are always at the top of a section?  As a complete newbie to this forum, I've spent days, literally, scanning all the posts on here and have found SO many awesome lists of resources about all things elearning...why not feature those posts and make them easily accessible to other newbies like myself by keeping them at the top of a group/discussion/thread, whatever the right place would be?

As a side company has not purchased any Articulate product yet...but I think it's going to be a cake walk to sell them on it based off this awesome community alone!

Jennifer St. George

With regard to the emails (from following posts), is there a way to allow us to select if we want an immediate email or if we want a daily recap?

Love the idea of grouping and categorizing; especially for delivery platforms/methods.

Also, can we group a 'best practices' for building courses?  Tom has a lot of great advice on his Blog but I've also seen others here who give incredible advice for building courses.

Fred Hammer

Fiona Telford-Sharp said:

This is the only e-learning forum I visit, but I have been part of forums for many, many years. IMO there is great need for -

Definitely a better search function.

A 'go to last read' button next to the posts.

More categories, so you can easily go and look through old threads about related topics.The other forums I visit have lots of different categories.

 I agree about the categories. It will make this place more organized and easy to browse. Good suggestion Fiona

Bruce Graham

Traci Hagler said:

I believe someone in this community mentioned you posted a step by step guide to using Articulate Storyline.  Would you mind sending me that link or reposting those steps>

Thank you so much


Hi Tracy, and welcome to the Heroes community.

I think that this is what you are looking for.

Hope that helps, and once again a warm welcome.


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