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Ned Whiteley

Hi Patty,

I guess the big problem with teaching adults basic skills is that you can sometimes worry that you are being too basic. However, the very fact that it has been identified that these skills need to be taught is an indication that the simple and straightforward approach is probably what's needed.

In the attached file I have included some ideas on how to approach ruler scales and hope they may be of help and provide some inspiration.

With regards to the basic maths skills, I would try and aim these at what the individuals do in their job and where these skills are used. For example, if you are trying to teach these skills to warehouse staff in a nuts and bolts factory, you may want to look at things such as:

1.  How to calculate the weight of a pallet (weighs 20 kg when not loaded) containing W cartons of bolts each weighing X kg and Y cartons of nuts each weighing Z kg.

2.  If a pack holds 50 nuts and a carton holds 10 packs and the customer has ordered 4000 nuts, how many cartons are required.

I would approach communication skills in a similar manner to the maths; how to better communicate face to face, on the phone, via email etc.

If you tailor their courses to what they will experience on the job, they will be more engaged with the process.

Hope this helps.