Really Frustrated with a few Storyline features.

Ok, I have a project that I have a very tight deadline. I am frustrated with a few things and it's not working. I can't share my file because of proprietary content. I can however attach a blank copy of the same with generic content.


1. This morning the preview won't work

2. I am trying to restrict the menu, and add variable so that they have to go thorough all the interactions. I follower the tutorial, but its not working. The restricted menu Next button does not want to move to next slide even if there is no interaction on the slide and takes a few seconds.

3. I have used a tab interaction that I found from the downloads section and when I try to add the variable, only 3 of the tabs show up in the variable and th3remaining two don't so when I am previewing, I can click on the first 3 interactions and the click next to move forwards without clicking the last 2, but I want the user to click on all 5 tabs on the slide.

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tin C

So, in case of the restricted menu, should I make the time line on each of the slides that don't have interactions to like 1 sec, so if users click on the next button they will move through the slide much faster.


As far as the next button trigger is concerned, I tried to do the master slide variable and when I am looking at my working file there are more than 1 master slides, could that be causing issues.


I am attaching 2 images, the first I show that I am selecting the 5 tabs or objects and the second attachment shows even though I have selected all 5 tabs it only shows the usage for 3 tabs.

Any idea why or how to fix this?

Walt Hamilton

I looked at slide 1.3 where you said there was a problem. I deleted the problem trigger that Phil referenced, and yes, if you set your timeline to 1 sec, it will help.

I created variables for the tabs, and made triggers to go along with them. I think slide 1.3 in the attached will work the way you want.