Rearranging Scenes on the screen.

Hey there--

Can anyone tell me how to rearrange my scenes in story view? I'm building  a course with several linked scenes. Most scenes are laid out across the top of the screen, which is how I'd like them. But when I link one scene to another, Storyline re-positions the scene below the one to which it's linked. This means I have to scroll down for ever to find the scene. Is there a way to move this scene so that it starts at the top of the screen? Scrolling laterally is now big deal.


Thanks much--Dale Osborn

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dale,

Story view indicates how the slides are linked together and any connections between them such as triggers to go to a particular slide. Once you start adding them in, you'll see them linked one below another. Here is a bit more information on how the story view set up works. 

This video, although about Storyline 1, provides a good explanation of how story view and scene numbering works. 

Hope that helps clarify some elements. 

Dale Osborrn


Thanks. It seems that when 2 scenes become linked the 2nd one is automatically positioned below the first, and there's nothing that can be done about it. I've found that if I collapse the "Parent" scenes--this makes navigating around the interface a lot more manageable.