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Hi I'm looking at creating a type of quiz that has a number of pre-test questions and based on what is answered we'd like to present the learner with what topics they should study. I've seen something similar called a recommendation engine but I'm hoping it can be done within Storyline so I don't have to go to another tool and do coding.  Has anyone got any examples of this type of thing they could share.

For Example


  • Q1 (relates to topic 1)
  • Q2 (relates to topic 1)
  • Q2 (relates to topic 2)
  • Q4 (relates to topic 3)
  • Q5 (relates to topic 3)
  • Q6 (relates to topic 4)


Based on the answers you provided we recommend that you study Topic 1 and 4


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Joanne Chen

Hi Cheryl,

You can difinitely do what you want within SL. Here is a quick sample base on your requirement.

Here is how I did it, and you can take a look on the story file as attached:

  1. Adjust related topic variable when chicking submit BTN on the condition of related question option is selected.
  2. Set a variable to count how many topics will be recommended so the feedback will base on it. (I set this trigger in Master slide)
  3. Set triggers to adjust  feedback-variables for each recommended topic in the sentence base on different coditions. 
Cheryl Kent

Hello Cheryl,

we did something similar here

I used a variable for each question and set it to a,b, or c depending on what the student selected in the quiz.

Then on the action plan page I set the text and image on the left-hand-side in different states, so if question variable = a change state to normal (green traffic light), if b change state to amber or if c change state to red state.

(we decided to keep the feedback on the right-hand-side about actions and training to take the same in case someone wanted to improve their good skills)

Hope this helps.