Recommendations for where to learn design

Hello!  I am looking for resources, classes, and/or websites where I can learn more about graphic design and layout.  I have a strong background (Master's in Education in Instructional Design and 15 years of experience) but feel like my graphic design skills in Storyline could be improved.  I LOVE the 360 templates and would love to be able to design some of my own templates and customize for clients.  Does anyone have any resources for where I can learn about colors, layouts, interactions that LOOK nice and are also educationally engaging and effective?  Thank you so much in advance!

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Nicole Legault

Hi Michele!

Thanks for posting here in the community! It's so nice that you're excited about e-learning and are looking to improve your skills. Good for you! I can't offer any specific graphic design program recommendations, but what I can suggest is you take a good look at these past articles:

Another thing you may want to do is take part in the Weekly E-Learning Challenges we have in the community, you can create something and share it with others for feedback and critique. This is a great way to practice and grow your skills; at the end of the day it all comes down to practice and getting better with experience!! :) 

Christy Tucker

Hi Michele!

I highly recommend Connie Malamed's Visual Design Solutions book. It has many of the same visual principles that you'll find in other sources, but all the examples are related to elearning. I found it much easier to see how it applied to our work because the samples were relevant.

Her blog has a zillion resources too.