Recommendations on Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools?


Our organization would like to do an evaluation of the accessibility of courses offered through our online learning management system.  I know the W3C has a list of various providers of accessibility evaluation tools, but do you have any recommendations of evaluation tools that you have used to help assist with this process?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Sally Wiedenbeck

I have not found any tools for evaluating e-learning specifically. If your e-learning is web hosted, you may be able to use a browser-based accessibility checker. I have not had good luck with that though for the reasons Michelle notes.

I instead use a checklist, and testing, to evaluate accessibility. Specifically, I make sure to complete the course without use of a mouse to ensure keyboard accessibility. I also use the free screen reader NVDA to test screen reader compatibility. The additional checklist I use - which I use throughout the development process as well as running through once the course is created - is attached: