Record and playback learners voice


I am working on a scenario based module for contact center staff. 

What I would love to achieve is an experience where a learner hears some audio of a customer asking something and then needs to respond using their voice. I want them to then have the chance to playback their response and compare it with an experts. 

I am struggling to find a voice capturing tool which can be embedded. 

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Jac Hutchinson

Danny, I really love this idea. I also checked the other link and there doesn't seem to be anything new or updated really since the outdated flash and Nanogong (?) so there likely is something on the market today to help make this work! I hope you find it.

This made me think about rolling a course like this out to an org. The prep to ensure the employee has the right equipment and is ready to have their voice recorded/played back will be key. Some unsolicited thoughts (mostly for myself when I revisit this) include:

  • do they have operating equipment to facilitate this (headphones, mic, etc.) many organizations (prior to the pandemic) locked down systems, didn't provide the appropriate equipment to play/record audio unless an employee needed it for their role but I think that's changed a lot in the last two years.
  • do you have the scripting capabilities to make this work
  • if you have the scripting capabilities, does this type of code pass your pen-testing and allow the course to actively engage hardware on the computer (some orgs may not allow this)
  • has IT approved the use of code in your course (especially of this type - a lot of my clients don't allow any kind of  custom scripting - it's just the base tools for me *insert sad face here*)
  • if the environment is noisy will it be irritating for those who have to listen to the playback with a lot of background noise
  • what are the accessibility requirements you need to consider to ensure this functions properly, not sure this matters, but it might depending on the org so you'll need to build based on the tools they use and test using their tools too (especially since some folks use speech to text if they cannot type so you may need to consider how the voice and the speech to text software and screen reader function together for this activity). 
  • is this course only internal or is this going to a broader audience? If so, you will need to ensure you meet each organization's policy.

I think it's a great way for the learner to practice and receive feedback, and I'd love to see what you do with it (this is on my list of things to research) - so please share if you get it figured out!