Record Screen- fades and shows the first frame image

Dec 03, 2018

Hello!  I am trying a screen record, and the first screen I have is the homepage of our intranet. I then scroll down and mouse over and click a button. When I view the slide, it works. When I view the slide and then the next slide, the first frame of the original slide is like faded in and out.  I have adjusted the first frame and end frame per the auto/fine tuning, but to not avail. I can't and don't want the fading. I even took it off of the transitions... but it's still there...  GRRRR- beyond going nuts! :0)

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Shaun Martin

Hi Erika,

When I preview the screens you've sent through I'm unable to recreate what you're seeing. There is no fading at all. I also published it to our LMS to see if I could trigger the behaviour and it still worked fine.

Sorry I couldn't be more help - maybe someone else on the forum will be able to recreate it...

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