Recording different exit points in one eLearning package

Hi eLearning heroes, I am trying to figure out how I can guide the learner down different paths of one module depending upon their needs.  I am having difficulty designing how I would record completion if the learner decides to go down one path and not the other .  For example a clinician in a hospital may need to only learn about IV cannulation for adult where another may need adults and kids.  I am trying not to produce 2 separate packages as much of the content is applicable to both.


Any help is really appreciated

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Matthew Bibby

You can use JavaScript to send a completion message to the LMS when the user lands on a particular slide. Just add this JavaScript to an Execute JavaScript trigger that is set to run when the slide starts:

lmsAPI.SCORM_CallLMSSetValue("cmi.core.lesson_status", "completed");
lmsAPI.SCORM_CallLMSSetValue("cmi.core.score.raw ", "100");

Then... add an extra slide to your course that is not accessible to the user (i.e. make it impossible for them to ever reach the slide) and set your completion tracking to Track using number of slides viewed. This will prevent Storyline from interfering with your completion messages. 

Murray Giles

Thanks Matthew, looks like I need some more JavaScript knowledge.

This seems it would work for tracking 1 exit point. I am not aware of how I could track 2 exit points without making 2 separate courses.

i.e., finish on slide 10 = completed A  / finish on slide 15 = completed A + B.


Thanks for the quick response by the way

michelle eames

could you have a final slide (results slide)  that both branches go to at the end?  That way regardless of which path they choose the course is complete. 

I think this is similar to a course I created a while back, I needed to record the module as complete on the LMS but depending on the branch of the course they choose defined how much info they were provided with.  Both branches went to a results slide that became the tracking slide in Storyline to mark the whole course as complete.

Hope this helps!


lynn murphy

I also work for a hospital. When we design courses with multiple paths we do what Michelle does. Sometimes we will have quiz questions in the individual branches that we don't use for completion. We then use quiz questions applicable to all as the "final" quiz used for completion. I hope that makes sense.