Recording Storyline

Mar 18, 2015

I am looking to create some short tutorial videos of how to use certain features in Storyline 2 for my team but I am curious as to what screen recording tool people would use to do this as I am assuming you can't use Storyline's recording function to record Storyline itself?

I have Captivate so could use that but I would prefer to do as much as possible in Storyline.

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Steve Flowers

You can open up two instances of Storyline if you want the types of things SL offers. Recording one instance with the other. 

The other option is using Replay. It's a free screen recorder from Articulate with some neat features. It's easy to use and you should have received a serial for Replay with your purchase of Storyline.

In a pinch, I use It's a browser-based recorder with an editor. It'll allow for capturing your webcam in an overlay as well.

Jennifer Valley

Here's a list of free or cheaper products someone in eLearning may use. Screen capture software is in the Video section:

I personally prefer Camtasia but it's neither free or cheap lol I've also used screenflow for Mac and Jing which are pretty good

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