Redundancy Principle Explainer Video - Feedback Appreciated

Hi Everyone,

I just finished creating this explainer video for a class project.  It's on the Redundancy Principle from the 12 Principles of Multimedia Learning by Richard E. Mayer. There are still a few things I would like to do and make some adjustments, but I also wanted to get feedback from our amazing community. I would like to use this as a promotional piece on my website for my portfolio work.  And to try and make it better I have a few questions.

What did you like/hate about it?

What would you change?

Did the content make sense? Where you able to follow it?

Do you feel like I explained the subject well?

Based on this video would you hire me. If not, why?

Here is the link to the video.


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Nancy Woinoski

Great job Jerson. The pace and length of the presentation are perfect and you definitely got the concept across. Love the animation although was not keen on the lines coming out of the back of the head in the section were you are talking about how visual and auditory elements work together. I think it would be more effective if the lines came up to the eyes and then disappeared.

There  is a slight pop in the audio when you are explaining redundancy. 


Jerson  Campos

Thanks Nancy,

I was worried about the pace and that the animation moved a bit fast.  I'll work on the lines coming out of the back of the head, maybe fade in from the top of the head? 

Yea I don't have one of those pop cancel attachments, just the YETI with an extra cover.  I might also move back away from the mic and see if that works next time.  


Mandy Williams

Nice work Jerson, not sure if you are still after feedback - but here is mine... for me the background music was too loud and took some focus away from what you were saying - particularly towards the end where you were competing with the music. Another thing for me is the use of multiple font styles, I prefer to keep font simple especially if there is a lot of colour and animation (but that is my preference).

Content made sense and yes easy enough to follow (although music at that volume was distracting)

Nice work :-)