Regarding Quizzes in Storyline 2

Aug 08, 2016

Hi All,

     In order to better engage our learners and help them apply what they learned right away, our SME has requested that we split up the quiz so that each quiz question comes after its relevant slide in the presentation.    She does not want to require 100% passing score, just 90%.    Everything works fine except for when an employee wants to retake the quiz.   They can review just the quiz slides when reviewing the quiz, but if they decide to retake it, they start at the first quiz slide and rewatch all of the rest of the presentation, instead of immediately going to the next quiz question.   Could anyone advise how to setup the triggers so that if they retaking the quiz, that they can just look at the quiz questions, without preventing them from also rewatching the presentation if they so desire?


I am trying to make this possible for the SME and also easy for the end-user. 


Thank you,


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Alicia Breig

Hi Vinod.   This looks like it might do the trick.   Thank you!  Could you advise, how you setup the triggers so that when retrying the quiz at the end, the user only sees the quiz questions and skips the slides in-between? 

If a user decided that the wanted to rewatch sections of the course, how would these triggers affect the user? 



Vinod Devireddy

Hi Alicia,

Please find the attachment sample file for your requirement.

If the user want to rewatch only the sections please add one more button in result slide and setup triggers.

"Review course" to view the section slides only.
"Retry Quiz" only retake the quiz Questions.
"Review Quiz" only view Quiz questions.



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