Removing a file from a Scorm package

Hi everyone, This is a question which has nothing to do with Articulate, so please forgive me in advance. However, I'm not sure where else to go for advice.

I have been able to get permission from the Australian Fair Work Ombudsman to use some scorm modules they produce. They explicitly state that they cannot help with getting them to work. I have created a draft course, but when I preview it, the scorm file loads but doesn't play - I just get the continuing spinning circle. My LMS vendors have stated:


I can see that there were a number of cross domain errors highlighted by the browsers console. In particular, these errors seemed to come from the ‘SCORM_API_wrapper.js’ file. In this file there are references to ‘’. When a SCORM calls this function, the browser usually rejects it because the SCORM is trying to take control of a window that it does not have permission to access. In order to resolve these cross domain reference issues, can you please remove any references your SCORM has to 


Can anyone tell me if there is any way I can do this just with the zip file? I don't think the FWO will edit the files for me.



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Ulises Musseb

It is possible to unzip the SCORM package and open the file manually, then edit it, and rezip.

Zip files are one file containing multiple files. There are programs (and Windows OS does too) that can help you open, see and extract the content of the file. The file can be edited with a simple text editor (such as notepad).

it's not a difficult process, I'd suggest to search how to access files in a ZIP file. You will see many simple tutorials.