Replaying an Animation on a Slide

Aug 04, 2015


I am building a course where the user must answer questions about driving.  They view an animation on a slide and answer a question on that same slide... no layers.  We also do not want to use the Storyline 2 video controls.

Is there a way that I can make a "Replay" button? I want the user to be able to watch the animation as many times as possible.  When I make the button, it only plays once... it never replays.  What am I missing?

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Michael Burns

Hi Stefanie, you could try having the button "Jump to" the same slide. You'll need to change the slide properties in "When revisiting" to "Reset to initial state", which causes the entire slide to play again.

Can I ask why no layers? You could simply copy & paste the object with animation to a layer, and have the button show that layer.

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