Report user progress and quiz scores

I just finished setting up a Moodle server so that I can report and track user progress and quiz results for SL360 and RISE projects. From what I have learned (please let me know if incorrect), is that SCORM can only track a single quiz result per project. My SL and RISE projects have multiple activities and I would like to track them all. My first instinct was to break down my 360 projects into separate activities. I started to do this but I am disappointed with the end result. By using an LMS, my project no longer feels or looks like an eLearning product.

I work in a k-12 school so I set Moodle to track students by using their school supplied Google login and then I create courses for my teachers so they can see their student's progress. I had to layer Moodle on top of our current infrastructure just to report scores and I lost the beauty of my RISE and SL projects.

How do you track user progress and quiz scores for larger eLearning activities? Thanks.


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