Request for scenario-based branching learning

Hello Friends!

I am creating a scenario-based branching Mobile learning.

Here're some requirements for the course:

Course Title: Effective Communication Skills

Target Audience: Sales Representatives working in a reputed Insurance company

Learning Outcome: Engaging customers and building long-lasting relationships with them

Based on your experience in scenario-based e-learning, request you to share all possible ideas and things I need to watch out while creating the course.

Any links to scenario-based examples are welcome too.

Thanking you in anticipation!


2 Replies
Mike B.

Since the sales reps undoubtedly have prior knowledge of good communication skills, you might want to begin the course with a flipped perspective. Start the course with a piece on what bad communication skills look like, and what the consequences are. Then use the opportunity to show the right ways to communicate.

Shweta Mukherjee

Thanks for your response Mike. And I completely agree with you that sales rep have good communication skills. The course here is not on the basics of communication, it is an advanced level course that touches upon how even 'good' communication skills if not used wisely can affect a relationship with a customer.

Also the approach that you suggested is good. However, I was thinking of a branching scenario in the course. I have the initial thoughts in place but I am still working how to tie themĀ