Request to consult with a SCORM engineer

Jul 10, 2024

I am the Product Manager leading a small development team tasked with building our LMS/LXP and creating modules in Rise, with plans to transition to Storyline soon. Currently, we host approximately 700 SCORM modules, serving a user base of around 3500.

We are exploring the benefits of transitioning to xAPI from SCORM 1.2 but are encountering challenges in the process. We would greatly appreciate guidance from one of your engineers on the following:

  1. Monitoring progress and activity on SCORM 1.2 courses within our non-SCORM compliant custom LMS. Is implementing a SCORM runtime environment necessary, and if so, how can we proceed?
  2. Achieving similar tracking capabilities for xAPI courses.

Could my engineering team connect with one of your engineers for a consultation? Please let me know if it is possible to coordinate a meeting time.

Best regards,

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